Medicaid covers the gap for frail senior

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Mom will be 88 in December. Wow! It’s hard to believe she has lived such a long life. We’ve seen a significant change in the last 5 years as she began struggling with memory issues, and was finally diagnosed with dementia. Our daily phone calls to remind Mom to take her meds were greeted with loving thanks, but she would forget or take multiple doses. She started having falls. We helped as much as possible, but in addition to taking care of our own families, my sister and I both work full time. The stress of taking care of Mom became unbearable. We were scared for her safety, and knew that something had to change. Assisted living was the way to go.

Both of my parents worked hard and lived a comfortable retirement life. When my dad passed away, part of his pension went to Mom. But she did not have the resources to pay for the expense of assisted living. She qualified for Medicaid, but most communities require 2 years of private pay before they accept Medicaid support. We finally found a facility in Tacoma that took Mom after a short wait. The difference in Mom’s quality of life, and the relief of stress on us is dramatic. A 24/7 staff makes sure she consistently receives her medications, and eats nutritious, healthy meals.

All but $58 of Mom’s monthly income goes directly to the assisted living facility, and Medicaid covers the rest. As her dementia progresses, her care needs will increase, but Medicaid will cover the gap. We know that she will be watched over by caring staff. We now have time to love and enjoy our Mom for the remainder of her life.

Medicaid matters.


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