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Montana's uninsured rate steady, Medicaid expansion beneficial, new studies say

June 19, 2018
With an uninsured rate half of what it was just two years ago, studies show clear benefits to Medicaid expansion in Montana.

Most Texans want state to expand Medicaid and help poor get health care

June 15, 2018
A survey by the Kaiser Family and Episcopal Health foundations reveals that two-thirds of Texans think their state should expand Medicaid to cover...

Most Americans value Medicaid, but don’t understand it

June 14, 2018
A national survey from Providence St. Joseph Health shows that positive opinions about Medicaid increase dramatically when Americans learn more...

What’s America’s largest health insurance program? Hint: it’s not Kaiser.

May 15, 2018
Many people don’t realize the large number and variety of people receiving services through Medicaid-funded programs. Kate, Stefanie and Drew...

Governor touts Medicaid expansion benefits with health care officials

April 19, 2018
A recent report from the University of Montana outlines the ways Medicaid expansion has helped Montanans and the economy.

When the sky falls: A Medicaid story

April 13, 2018
Jennifer was in her thirties and married to her best friend, Lance. She never imagined a life as a widow, until the day a blood clot took him away...

Medicaid Is Rural America’s Financial Midwife

March 13, 2018
Medicaid payments allow struggling hospitals to maintain vital costly services such as maternity care. A young mother talks about the hospital care...
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