Medicaid Matters to Alaska

You might be surprised to learn who is covered by Medicaid. They may be people you know – loved ones, neighbors or work friends. Read about families and individuals who needed help getting care in the past, or who depend on Medicaid now. They are grateful for the coverage. With regular, sometimes lifesaving care, they are hopeful for the future. Meet the Many Faces of Medicaid.

Read their Medicaid stories

Protecting Medicaid means protecting our community

More than 210,000 Alaskans have Medicaid coverage. It’s keeping children healthy, taking care of our elderly and helping people get back on their feet. They are part of our human family, and each one deserves access to care.

Medicaid Stories

The people who depend on Medicaid may be your loved ones, neighbors or work friends. Read about the many faces of Medicaid.

Medicaid Quiz

Test your knowledge of Medicaid. How much do you know about its role in the lives of your friends, neighbors and loved ones? Take our quiz and find out!