Queen of the Valley Medical Center CARE Network

April 23, 2018

NCANewsThe CARE Network in Napa coordinates care for individuals with chronic disease through support from nurses, social workers, nutritionists, community health workers, and more.  

When a man was diagnosed with a chronic condition and told he had less than a 50 percent chance of survival, the experience was life-changing.

After he was discharged, a team of caregivers from the CARE Network visited him at home. They provided healthy food to help him regain his strength, taught him how to safely manage dozens of medications, joined him for his doctors’ appointments, helped him navigate the health care system to get all the benefits he needed, ensured rent was paid so he didn’t lose his home, kept him out of the hospital and his life moving forward.

This patient isn’t alone. In 2017, the CARE Network served 568 clients. For the 261 newly enrolled clients in 2017, there was a 71% reduction in ED visits and a 42% reduction in hospitalizations when compared to one year prior to program enrollment.