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A family affair: Palliative Care offers support beyond medicine

January 02, 2018
At the Spenard home that Edgar Preiss built for his family decades ago, his grown children still wear the loss of their father in their eyes....

Empowering youth: Seward Sources of Strength helps teens cope

January 02, 2018
Steven Osborn believes the best way to create a positive school culture is to simply be present. By this, he means being accessible to his peers...

Program builds stronger families by addressing social isolation

December 31, 2017
Wilmington is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that has a high percentage of immigrant families who identify social isolation as a significant issue...

Helping hundreds of homeless each day in downtown Olympia

December 13, 2017
Those who are homeless often struggle tremendously to find resources to basic necessities, such as food, shelter and health care. Many community...

Relief nursery transforms lives of young children at risk for abuse and neglect

November 14, 2017
A concerned group of community members—consisting of a judge, physicians, therapists, a bank, attorneys and retired...

Vulnerable Montanans breathe easier thanks to donated HEPA filters

October 03, 2017
As wildfires continue to wreak havoc across Western Montana, it’s no surprise that Missoula residents are desperate to breathe clean air.

Shelter offers the homeless a place for rest and healing

September 28, 2017
When most of us are discharged from the hospital emergency department with a prescription for “medical rest,” we have a safe, warm bed...

It's never too late for substance abuse treatment

September 28, 2017
Providence is committed to addressing the communities’ mental health needs, and one way to do that is to address the issue of substance abuse...

Relieving poverty and thriving at any age

September 07, 2017
At 70 years old, Georgina Miranda is still dancing, jumping and twirling in her weekly Zumba class, co-sponsored by Providence Health &...

Downtown Soup Kitchen’s Feed Me Hope culinary programs help those struggling to rise out of homelessness

June 12, 2017
One of Daja Scroggs’ most vivid memories from her days of hunger and homelessness involved a trashcan and a hamburger. Wandering the streets...
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