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Waterfront recovery services improves community wellness

June 02, 2019
Humboldt County, the northern most county of California, has some of the highest rates in the state of drug and alcohol related outcomes including...

Creating a continuum of care for highly vulnerable populations

June 02, 2019
James, a 55-year old man with Type 1 diabetes and a dependency on alcohol, was admitted to the emergency room for a collapsed lung following an...

Mobile Health Clinic Brings Healthcare to Homeless Shelters

May 31, 2018
St. Joseph Health, Sonoma County’s Mobile Health Clinic serves those who don't have access to health insurance coverage, providing treatment...

Program dedicated to providing all Humboldt County children with health insurance

April 25, 2018
At Providence St. Joseph Health, we believe everyone should have access to health care, including those who are poor and vulnerable. That’s...

Queen of the Valley Medical Center CARE Network

April 24, 2018
The CARE Network in Napa coordinates care for individuals with chronic disease through support from nurses, social workers, nutritionists,...
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