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Bridging cultural and language divides with personal care and technology

June 02, 2019
With the help of Providence Health & Services in Oregon, Catholic parishes in Washington, Multnomah and Yamhill counties are successfully...

A safety net for patients after hospital discharge

June 02, 2019
Increasing the chances of recovery by addressing social needs in Oregon.

Relief nursery transforms lives of young children at risk for abuse and neglect

November 14, 2017
A concerned group of community members—consisting of a judge, physicians, therapists, a bank, attorneys and retired...

Knowing our communities to improve health

March 28, 2017
The Community Health Needs Assessment is an inclusive process that helps us develop programs to keep people healthy.

Healing families with nutritious food

November 16, 2016
When single mom Seswaness Eaglepipe and her two daughters were suffering from migraines and nausea, she went to the Providence Family Medicine...

Dental relief on wheels

July 14, 2016
For seven months, Steve has been seeking help for a toothache while living in pain. Left untreated, his daily life had become increasingly...

Stronger together: investing in safety net clinics

June 02, 2016
No one organization can improve community health alone, and partnering with like-minded organizations creates solutions that are stronger and more...

A quiet desk with a big impact

June 02, 2016
“I have never been comfortable asking for help,” said a patient, “but how else can they know you need it? You have to ask.”...
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