A community voice defining health

June 01, 2016

What does health look like to you? This is an important question Providence is asking everyone who lives in Snohomish County, Washington.

Health and well-being are viewed in a variety of ways by many people. One answer captured through Providence’s Pictures of Health Facebook photo contest includes an image of a local garden with the caption “health is growing my own herbs.” Another submission stated “peace and quiet” with a relaxing photo of the beach, most likely enjoying the calming sound of the ocean’s waves. The photo contest is one way local residents are creating a community voice that defines what health means to them.

Creative solutions to health problems

Through a variety of outreach activities including focus groups, surveys and photo sharing, Providence has collected more than 800 responses from residents. This research will help Providence and partners measure the complete physical, mental and emotional well-being of the community. It is an innovative way to find and respond to areas of great need, together. The research will also support Providence’s formal assessment of community health needs.

To learn more about the institute and outreach activities, visit the Providence Institute for a Healthier Community website. The institute brings Providence together with businesses, government, other not-for-profit organizations and the people of Snohomish County to creatively solve health problems.