Faces of Supportive Housing

Supportive housing combines permanent housing with voluntary supportive services for its residents, many of whom have experienced homelessness or housing instability. The supportive housing model offers safe, affordable community-based living that helps residents remain housed and have the best chance at an independent, productive life. Depending on the housing provider, it is offered to individuals and to families with very low incomes. 


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Living in a tent city with diabetes - Kathy's story

Providence Vincent House - Seattle, Washington 

Friendly, open and smiling, Kathy approaches life with a can-do attitude, even when times are very tough. She lived for many years in her hometown of Springfield, Mo., working in the finance department at a local university ...

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"Family is the most important thing." - Mickey's story


Providence Emilie House - Portland, Oregon

To Mickey, 67, family is everything. She speaks often of her two adult children, her grandchildren, and her brother and sisters, all of whom live nearby in Oregon or Washington state. And now, since moving to Emilie House in Portland in 2013, Mickey feels that she’s part of a larger family ...

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‘Moments of joy’ include a safe, caring housing community - David's story


Plymouth Housing - Seattle, Washington

For many people, a weekend drive in the country is nice, but not particularly memorable. That isn’t the case for David, who lights up as he recalls driving winding stretches of road years ago. He’s the kind of person ...

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"This is my own sanctuary." - Brenda's story

tbrendaWA Booth Gardens - Seattle, Washington

Brenda, 72, is no stranger to both hard work and hardship. In her younger years in Omaha, Neb., Brenda worked as a certified nursing assistant for 15 years and a hair stylist for 25 years. Later, when she moved to Seattle to be closer ...

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"I did a lot of healing here." - Ruthie's story


Providence House - Portland, Oregon

Ruthie, 71, grew up in many different places, traveling often because her father was in the Air Force. In her adult life she eventually settled in San Diego, but after eight years she could no longer afford the cost of living there. She bounced around to different apartments, hotels and living ...

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"There is a lot of love." - Wude's story


Providence Vincent House - Seattle, Washington

Living in poverty and with significant health issues is difficult for anyone, but when Wude, 68, moved to the United States, she didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak the language. Her new life was, in many ways, better than her country of origin, but she had trouble adapting ...

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