Spotlight: PSJH Ambulatory Nurse Residency and Fellowship Coming Soon

August 10, 2018

By Shay Bradshaw-Scharbach, MSN, RN

The Clinical Academy is excited to announce the development launch of the first Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) Ambulatory Nurse Residency and Fellowship! As PSJH ambulatory care environments expand in size and patient complexity across the continuum, there is a demand for skilled ambulatory care nurses. The Ambulatory Nurse Residency/Fellowship will support the professional development of recently graduated (Residents) and new-to specialty (Fellows) by providing an integrated, consistent structure for on-boarding and development through the use of evidence-based curricula.

The curriculum design team consists of Ambulatory Nurse Educators and Leaders across PSJH who have expert knowledge and experience within the specialty of Ambulatory Care Nursing. The program will utilize the “Flipped” learning approach to introduce evidence-based, didactic information as pre-learning, followed by interactive classroom discussions and activities that will enhance the Resident and Fellow’s engagement and understanding of learning content. Examples of topics to be included are clinical skills, medication management, safety, infection prevention, regulatory compliance, clinical quality, population health and more. The specialty focus for the first phase of curriculum development is Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, with the plan to expand to other ambulatory specialties.

PSJH Ministries can look forward to having the PSJH Ambulatory Residency/Fellowship program available late Fall 2018. Stay tuned!!

For more information regarding this exciting program, please contact Shay Bradshaw-Scharbach at