From the Desk of Deb Burton, SVP, Chief Nursing Officer

August 10, 2018

Have you heard about our exciting new Providence St. Joseph Health Health 2.0 strategy? This bold new vision and direction is a wonderful opportunity for nursing to lead in caring for our communities: to reach out to enhance wellness, prevent illness and strengthen community self-care. What exactly is “Health 2.0”?? It is the strategic “roadmap” for our entire health system to move from its primary emphasis on caring for ill and injured individuals who seek our care, to partnering with communities to co-manage health and create wellness – far beyond our walls. That means not just delivering world-class health care, it also means delivering health. This proactive emphasis deeply embraces our mission and values, and the heritage of both orders of our founding Sisters: Sisters of Providence and Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. Caring compassionately for communities and vulnerable populations, and preventing illness and complications are also the basis upon which the nursing profession was founded in the first place. In fact, when Florence Nightingale founded our profession, hospitals were the “place of last resort” if one could not afford care at home or in the community. Hospitals were considered unsafe and very risky places to go. Care delivered in homes and communities was much more safe and appropriate, for those who could afford it.

So how will we achieve our desired Health 2.0 future? First, we must be prepared to serve as many as possible; regardless of their financial situation, ability to pay or conditions of insurance coverage. That means we must make our care affordable, and both excellent and efficient. We will do so by, (1) “Strengthening Our Core,” (2) “Being Our Communities’ Health Partner,” and (3) “Transforming Our Future.” What exactly does that mean?

Strengthen Our Core: We will focus on supporting and inspiring our caregivers, and maximizing value in our existing operations. Specifically, that means maintaining excellence while making care as reliable, safe and efficient as possible.

Be Our Communities’ Health Partner: We will provide services and collaborate with others to improve community-based care and outcomes for the populations we serve. We will place special attention on leading the way in improving our nation’s mental health and well-being, and address social factors that impact health. What our communities need will vary across our diverse geographies, and we will partner to respond to those unique local health needs together.

Transform Our Future: We will provide cutting edge care when, where and how our patients and customers want to receive it. We will increase our contributions to the national health care dialogue by amplifying our voice and national presence. We will assure a viable financial future by diversifying our revenue sources.

I hope you will agree this is very much a nursing, prevention and health promotion-focused future. It is so exciting to take this journey with all our clinical colleagues, and to lead in protecting and promoting the health of every community we serve. Together, we have a professional opportunity to innovate, leave behind old (and non-evidence-based) traditions that no longer serve us, and build on our strong nursing core to lead forward – most of all, in service in to the poor and vulnerable in our communities. Stay tuned; there is lots more to come!!

Deb Burton

Deb Burton, SVP, Chief Nursing Officer