New Fellowships Available from the PSJH Clinical Academy

May 02, 2019

PSJH Clinical Academy Nurse Educator Fellowship

On April 1, 2019, 22 nurse educators from across the system started in the pilot of PSJH’s Educator Fellowship offered through the Clinical Academy.  This course is the first of its kind; all content is delivered through the University of Providence’s collaborative learning site called Moodle.

Course participants complete 13 online modules through the Association for Nursing Professional Development designed to ease the transition into the role of nursing professional development.   Associated assignments and readings accompany the online modules, allowing participants to apply what they have learned into their everyday activities.  The course is completely self-guided, asynchronous, and expected to take about six months to complete.  Course participants are assigned a Clinical Academy Program Manager as their course facilitator and supported locally by preceptors and mentors.

Lessons learned through the pilot will be incorporated in the final program prior to making this opportunity available across the system in early October.  

PSJH Clinical Academy Nurse Leader Fellowship

The nurse manager is responsible for creating safe, healthy environments that support the work of the health care team and contribute to patient engagement.  The Nurse Leader Fellowship (NLF) supports the new nurse leader during the first 100-days of transition with a self-directed program that utilizes the American Organization of Nurse Executives and American Association of Critical Care Nurses Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation (ENMO) modules as “classroom” learning. This program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to be successful in the transition from staff nurse to Nurse Leader. The standardized NLF curriculum includes learning experiences (through didactic education, learning activities, and precepted time) that pertain to most nurse leaders, supporting learners to enter into the new role with a solid foundation to begin this important work.