Reducing CAUTI through System-wide Collaboration

August 29, 2019
The CAUTI Collaborative Learning and Improvement Community (CLIC) is a system-wide group of infection prevention caregivers and nurses focused on reducing CAUTI events across our organization. The CAUTI CLIC is a forum to share challenges, best practices, and drive change in our health system on everything from updates in our electronic health record, changes to protocol, to the types of products we purchase. At a recent CAUTI CLIC meeting Lynette Kingsberry from Covenant Medical Center (CMC) shared a number of interventions her facility has implemented to reduce CAUTI infections, including a three day Product Training Assessment involving observations on Foley Maintenance and Insertion Practices, with one of our vendor partners, BARD. BARD clinical representatives shared their observation findings with the team at CMC and suggestions for improvement. One of the findings of note was that 37% of Foleys at CMC are inserted in the ED, and the BARD clinical educator recommended reaching out to Providence Little Company of Mary (PLCM), who had recently implemented a “Foley Free ED” program to reduce CAUTI infections. Fellow CAUTI CLIC member Rebecca Clarkson at PLCM was eager to share the Foley Free ED strategies implemented in her facility and connected Lynette to another CAUTI CLIC member at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center (PSJMC) in Burbank, Silva Ohanian, who had also recently implemented the same program in her facility with great success.

CMC is now using the lessons learned and best practices gleaned from PLCM and PSJMC to reduce Foley insertions in the ED with the aim of reducing the overall CAUTI infections at CMC. The cross-region collaboration facilitated by the CAUTI CLIC has kept our patients safer and helped reduce our system wide rates of preventable harm.

If you are interested in joining a clinical collaborative focused on CAUTI, CLABSI, or C.diff, please reach out to Sara Morris.