In the video above, Ali Santore, vice president, PSJH government and public affairs, talks about the importance of preserving Medicaid for 74 million Americans. Those who depend on Medicaid are among the most vulnerable to losing their coverage.


If 9-year old Nathasha falls asleep without being connected to a ventilator, she will die. She and her family rely on Medicaid for the specialized care she needs to stay alive.  


Above, Ali Santore explains why our 2018 advocacy priorities focus on being a voice for the voiceless.


Sylvia was a fitness buff and successful business leader when a stroke nearly killed her at age 50. When her insurance ran out, she turned to Medicaid. 


"We lead with the Mission because we live the Mission.” Our Mission grounds us and gives us the foundation to do more together. From Ali Santore.  


Every caregiver at Providence St. Joseph Health has the power to be an advocate. Ali Santore says that caregivers can be the catalyst for real change in their communities.