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Alaska’s children are experiencing child abuse and neglect at rates higher than almost any other state. Without treatment, that trauma can last into adulthood, affecting their health and well-being for a lifetime. We have the power to heal our children and our community.


With support, children experiencing abuse can find peace. Alaska CARES provides treatment to approximately 1,000 of Alaska’s most vulnerable children every year.

Join Us

Together, our community is building a new and permanent home for children to receive safe and life-changing care. We are so close to reaching this goal, and you can get us there!

Give now or contact us directly at 907-212-3600. Learn more about Alaska CARES and this building project.

In the words of Tina, an 8 year-old survivor of abuse, “I wish that you will keep doing what you do to make the world a better place and make kids feel protected.”

About Alaska CARES

Alaska CARES, a service of The Children’s Hospital at Providence, helps children who have experienced trauma from abuse. As a Child Advocacy Center (CAC), the program provides comprehensive, child-centered and compassionate care. Victim advocates, law enforcement, child protection, tribal health, forensic medicine and mental health professionals all work together in the same facility to support Alaska’s most vulnerable kids.

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