Our Inspired Vision Depends on Inspired Community Partners

Health for a Better World starts with our commitment to understanding and serving the needs of the community, especially the poor and vulnerable. In 2018, driven by our Mission and together with our community-focused, innovative partners, Providence Montana invested more than $29 million in community benefit, building community conditions that promote and transform health and well-being.

We believe health is a human right. This belief is the foundation of our efforts to support comprehensive access to health and social services addressing the gaps in care for the most poor and vulnerable members in our communities. With each investment we make and partnership we develop, we find ways to best address and prioritize our region’s most challenging needs as identified through our community health needs assessment. The process includes a review of public health data and interviews with key stakeholders and otherwise under-represented populations. This past year, we focused on supporting community programs that addressed:

  • Access to mental health services
  • Access to substance abuse treatment
  • Social determinants of health and well-being, including housing and homelessness

Ultimately, we want to address the root causes of these conditions and identify community-based solutions that transform the health of our communities. We are working to increase the number of people who have access to health care, connect individuals with resources, and address core issues such as food and housing instability, social isolation, education and other factors that contribute to improved well-being.

Some of the inspiring ways our investments are working in our community include:

  • Supporting the Medical Respite Program at the Poverello Center, a non-profit organization providing meals and emergency shelter to Missoula’s homeless and hungry. The Medical Respite Program delivers compassionate and cost-effective medical care and recovery to our most vulnerable neighbors who are struggling with health issues while also trying to find a place to call home. Medical Respite also helps our community control the high cost of medical care and reduces unnecessary Emergency Department visits.

  • As a corollary to our work to support the Medical Respite Program, St. Pat’s participated in a collaborative effort to develop a strategy to house community members with high use of resources due to homelessness. The Housing is Healthcare planning grant through the Montana Healthcare Foundation allowed the hospital to work with Missoula’s local government, law enforcement, emergency shelter and jail to identify those whose overall health and wellbeing would improve through access to stable housing, and whose frequent use of the community’s resources would decrease as a result of being housed.

We invite you to learn more about how we are working to meet community needs and help people live their healthiest lives and — if called — to get involved.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Montana, and we look forward to continued partnership as we seek to collectively achieve Health for a Better World.