Our Inspired Vision Depends on Inspired Community Partners

Health for a Better World starts with our commitment to understanding and serving the needs of the community, especially the poor and vulnerable. In 2018, driven by our Mission and together with our community-focused, innovative partners, Covenant Health, Texas invested more than $106 million in community benefit, building community conditions that promote and transform health and well-being.

We believe health is a human right. This belief undergirds our efforts to support comprehensive access to health and social services addressing the foundational gaps in care for the most poor and vulnerable members in our communities. With each investment we make and partnership we develop, we find ways to best address and prioritize our region’s most challenging needs as identified through our community health needs assessment. The process includes a review of public health data and interviews with key stakeholders and otherwise under-represented populations. This past year, we focused on supporting community programs that addressed:

  • Mental/Behavioral Health
  • Diabetes Prevention and Intervention
  • Dental Health

Ultimately, we want to address the root causes of these conditions and identify community-based solutions that transform the health of our communities. We are working to increase the number of people who have access to health care, connect individuals with resources, and address core issues such as food and housing instability, social isolation, education and other factors that contribute to improved well-being.

Some of the inspiring ways our investments are working in our community include:

  • Mental/Behavioral Health  Covenant Community Outreach Counseling Center provides counseling services to underserved and low-income persons in our community offering individual, couples and family therapy to people of all ages. During 2018, a partnership was formed with Texas Tech University’s Center for Adolescent Resiliency to implement a program within Lubbock Independent School District to provide free counseling services and in-school advocates for identified at-risk middle and high school students. A free Mental Health First Aid course was hosted by Covenant Health for local school police officers. Additionally, a counselor was assigned to the Covenant Levelland to provide free community counseling services with an emphasis on suicide prevention.
  • Diabetes Wellness and Prevention – Covenant Health offers a free diabetic and prevention education program to the community. This includes a full time Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator who is dedicated to diabetes education/prevention and general health /nutrition education for all ages. We also partner with Covenant Medical Group which provides a full-time Registered Nurse and a second Certified Diabetes Educator who also provide free education. In 2018 Education and intervention programming was offered monthly at Catholic Charities, Lubbock Children’s Clinic and at the Covenant Diabetes Education Clinic. The Health Education team also participated local in health screenings and health fairs through the year. Covenant Health also funded Go Noodle Plus during the 2017-18 academic bringing programming to 83 schools, 1,892 teachers and 34,500 students in Lubbock, Hale and Hockley counties in West Texas.
  • Dental Health  Community Outreach Dental Clinic serves low-income families offering comprehensive dental care to patients aged 5 and up and includes mobile dental unit that serves patients in a 75-mile radius of Lubbock. In 2018, Covenant Dental provided dental sealants and oral health screenings to third graders in three area school districts including Levelland, Sundown and Lubbock. 107 students were screened and 105 sealant treatments were completed. The dental team participated in multiple health education events and educated over 500 children on oral hygiene. Covenant Health also provided funding to the South Plains Community Action Association to provide dental services for low-income children in their Head Start Program.

We invite you to learn more about how we are working to meet community needs and help people live their healthiest lives.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the Texas Region and we look forward to continued partnership as we seek to collectively achieve Health for a Better World.