A community court with heart

June 01, 2016

Every Monday the meeting rooms of Spokane’s downtown library are transformed into a courtroom and resource center. The makeshift community court provides alternatives to jail time for those who commit non-violent misdemeanor offenses typically connected to homelessness, such as trespassing or drinking alcohol in a public place.

One stop to a better life

To help people get back on track and connect with the social services they need, Providence joined community partners to make this service possible with an investment of $10,000. The program helps reduce unnecessary reliance on hospital resources by bringing together all of the critical services and providers in one place.

A little help with the basics

The central location means participants can visit with several service providers instead of having to make separate trips to various agencies, which can be difficult for very low-income or homeless individuals. The basics are also covered. Participants receive help getting personal identification cards, or bus passes to travel to and from treatment or other services. The program also provides 70-80 meals at weekly court sessions to ensure those who are the most vulnerable don’t go hungry.