Helping young athletes play safe

June 01, 2016

Low-priced sports physicals were the main attraction for more than 150 student athletes who attended Providence and Walla Walla Public Schools’ first sports physical event. Just as important was making sure these young athletes learned how to avoid injuries. The required pre-participation sports physicals included safety instruction by Providence physical therapists and physicians.

Low-cost sports physicals fit the bill

The first-ever event offered parents and students timely and affordable sports physicals for a discounted price of $10 per athlete. The reduced price is especially important in helping low-income families find opportunities for fun physical activity. More than $1,500 raised from the sports physicals is supporting the creation of a Healthy Youth Fund that will provide free athletic training supplies.

A small investment with big returns

With a community investment of about $7,800, Providence is ensuring that student athletes not only receive the appropriate medical clearance to join their teammates on the field or court, but that they also learn how to stay healthy and safe while they play.