A fast lane for teens on the road to recovery

September 30, 2016

At 12 years old, June* had experienced more hardships than most may face in their lifetime. The loss of one parent to suicide, followed by the unexpected death of a step-parent, lead her into a dark depression. She began using marijuana, alcohol and meth to cope with the trauma.   

June was taken to the emergency department at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center after making statements about suicide. When she tested positive for drugs, the doctor working that night called Rapid Response.

Interventions save young lives

The Rapid Response referral service helps teens struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues by providing a medical evaluation and quick connection to community treatment programs. The intervention was just what June needed. A Rapid Response counselor meet with June and her family at Providence Sacred Heart and created a plan for treatment.

In partnership with Daybreak Youth Services, access to inpatient and outpatient care is provided for free to children and families in their time of need. Once June’s condition was stabilized at the hospital, she went directly to the Daybreak facility where she received treatment for addiction and therapy to overcome the emotional pain of her past. 

Building better futures free of drugs and alcohol

Providence has provided more than 200 Rapid Response referrals to treatment and 90 percent of the young patients have completed or are still engaged in treatment. June is now clean and sober, and continues to participate in outpatient treatment as a source of ongoing support.

The program fulfills important needs in the Spokane County, Wash. community for mental health and substance abuse issues. Providence’s annual community investment of $50,000 makes possible the critical coordination of care and services essential to the success and sobriety for teens in recovery.

*Patient has given Providence permission to share her story, but the name has been changed to protect patient privacy.