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Reducing homelessness is about partnerships. To make a lasting impact, nonprofits, for-profits, governments, agencies, and health systems need to work together. Our family of organizations often join with community partners that offer housing and related social services to those experiencing housing instability or homelessness. In many of the stories here, we have made community benefit investments supporting nonprofits and agencies that are dedicated to giving highly vulnerable people a fresh start. It’s all because we believe that #HousingisHealth. 

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Catholic Social Services housing program offers a fresh start

Anchorage, Alaska

Brian Sharpe looks around the communal kitchen of an apartment he is considering as a new home. It is large but modest, decorated with artificial trees and edged by a row of soft couches ...

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A caring network with remarkable impact


Northern California

Imagine you just had surgery or intensive treatment for a chronic illness. You are leaving the hospital, tired and weak, and need a safe environment to recover. Now imagine you have no place to go. No home or shelter of any kind ... 

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Investing in safe, secure housing: Robin's story

trobinwaSeattle, Washington

Robin looks back on his time as a specialist in the U.S. armed forces with fondness. “My time in the service was pretty good,” he says from his home at the Pat Williams Apartments in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood ...

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Building health and community yields huge benefits for Lubbock’s homeless


Lubbock, Texas

Chad Wheeler is a religious man, but helping people who are experiencing homelessness is less about being called into service by God and more about finding community ...

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A new approach to serving Olympia’s homeless


Olympia, Washington

For the more than 800 people experiencing homelessness in and around Olympia, Washington, meeting basic human needs like shelter, food and health care can be challenging.

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Building bridges and connecting Fullerton’s homeless to essential resources


Fullerton, California

Building trust through compassion is the foundation of Carrie Delaurie’s work as a community care navigator at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, California.  

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Safeguarding a stronger future for Victor Valley


High Desert, California

Victor Valley sits in the High Desert region of Southern California’s Mojave Desert. Dramatic rock formations and rolling desert hills serve as its backdrop. Victor Valley has a population of nearly 400,000 people ...


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Connecting patients to housing and other services


Tucked into five Providence primary care clinics and hospitals is a connection to social services that is vital to some of Oregon’s most vulnerable patients. Providence Health & Services’ Community Resource Desks ...

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A place to heal and get help with basic life needs

Missoula, Montana

Mary’s doctor referred her to the Poverello Center in Missoula, Montana, to recover after a cardiovascular procedure because she did not have a safe place to heal. In her 60s, Mary has a ...

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Shelter is more than just a roof

Portland, Oregon

Living without a roof over one’s head means more than lacking shelter. A person without an address faces a long list of basic personal and social needs and no easy way to get help. With no home, people are ...

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Housing is one of the best treatments in medicine

Spokane, Washington

“Be sure to get plenty of rest.” That’s what we usually hear when leaving the emergency room or hospital after treatment and heading home. But for some, there’s no place to rest, and no one around to help them recover ...

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