Institute for Human Caring

Providence St. Joseph Health isn’t just about meeting the medical needs of those we serve. We are focused on the whole person, including mind, body and spirit. With the leadership of the Institute for Human Caring, we are ensuring people get the best care possible by delivering care based on medical needs, as well as personal values.

The institute advances efforts to measure, monitor and improve person-centered care system-wide and supports culturally diverse communities through expanding models of caring. The institute also helps to ensure:

  • Every person we serve is treated as whole person
  • The care we deliver is consistent with the values, preferences and priorities of those we serve
  • Sovereignty over illness, dying, caregiving and grieving properly belongs to families and communities

The Institute for Human Caring believes that raising expectations for health care that treats each of us as a whole person – eliciting and honoring our values, preferences and priorities – will inspire a growing demand for professionals who can make whole person care the new normal. 

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