Epic Clinical Optimization Updates

November 14, 2018

The following Epic Optimization projects went live in the Providence instance of Epic in October 2018:

  • Activity Orders Redesign: This is a complex project designed to mitigate an ongoing problem with multiple and often conflicting activity orders. The team arrived at a simplified process, relying on one primary order and one temporary order. We anticipate the biggest impact to be for ordering providers, while nursing staff should experience this as a simpler way to understand the patients’ activity orders.

  • IV Drip Titration Guidelines: When IV drips are titrated nurses may reference a guideline document. Previously, these guidelines were accessed by a link to a pdf document. The impact of this was that the guideline that was used was not directly embedded in the permanent medical record. Regulatory bodies now want these in the permanent record, so this information will be present in the MAR. This will also be seen as an enhancement for nurses.