Products Update

February 06, 2019

A transition away from Biogel gloves will take place at all PSJH and affiliate facilities and in all care settings during the month of February 2019. A team of Perioperative clinical champions from across PSJH reviewed and evaluated the various surgical gloves currently on the market to identify clinically-acceptable and cost-effective glove options. Part of this process included these clinical champions reaching out to other local departments that use surgical gloves and assuring those clinicians also had the chance to consider the options.

The team of clinical champions concluded that surgical gloves from Medline and Cardinal offered the highest quality at the lowest cost. PSJH is confident about the clinical acceptability of both Medline and Cardinal surgical gloves due to their current successful usage throughout all ministries. The upcoming change process will be a collaboration among local clinical champions, current Biogel glove users, and the glove vendors. During February, clinicians who have utilized Biogel gloves in the past will be provided the opportunity to choose a product first from the preferred vendor Medline and alternatively, from Cardinal. The final step before implementation will be using the current gloves on hand prior to the change.

In summary, Medline will now be our preferred surgical glove vendor, with Cardinal as the secondary choice. Clinicians will select the best glove for them with the assistance of clinical champions and the glove vendors. For more information, please contact one of these caregivers from Resource, Engineering & Hospitality (REH).

Strategic Sourcing: Rebecca Garcia
Clinical Resource Integration: Karen Stewart or Kate Mulligan