Brief Summary: 2019 PSJH Nursing Summit

May 02, 2019

Health for a Better World: Our PSJH Best in the West Nursing Call to Action

On April 29 and 30, 2019, a Nursing Summit was held in Seattle to bring together nurses from all around the PSJH system and across the continuum of care.  During the Summit, nurses identified various ways that nursing specialty practice can lead in delivering a seamless, patient-centered care continuum and promote PSJH as an Age-Friendly Health System. Nurses walked away from the Summit with tools and a targeted, outcome-driven plan to lead their specific nursing community and PSJH region to deliver Health for a Better World. Thank you to all who participated in this event!

2019 Nursing Summit

Purpose: To bring together the PSJH nursing community to make explicit and actualize PSJH nursing’s accountability to deliver Health for a Better World

Description: This summit brings together the full care continuum PSJH nursing community to actualize shared accountability to deliver Health for a Better World-- to assure our care is second-to-none: every time, every care setting, every patient, every day.   This is accomplished by assuring our patients and communities experience our full care continuum predictably: absent barriers, delays, inefficiencies, unnecessary admissions and readmissions, and unexpected variability in clinical quality and compassionate support.  Together, we will deliver on this promise, making our care more accessible and affordable for all those in need.