Need to complete your BSN? University of Providence RN to BSN Completion Is the Preferred Pathway

May 02, 2019

Want to be challenged to up your professional nursing skills with a BSN? Consider enrolling in the fully accredited RN to BSN completion program from the University of Providence (UP). As a PSJH caregiver, you have a special opportunity to complete this program with a scholarship and also be immersed in the PSJH mission and values as you complete this four-semester online program. We are celebrating our 10th year of success in preparing over 700 PSJH RN graduates.

Why choose UP over other online programs? The UP faculty have a commitment to quality, personalized education that is built on the values lived by the Sisters of Providence: compassion, dignity, justice, excellence, and integrity. Our professors care for each student's success in learning and provide individualized instruction and feedback. Students enter as a cohort (either in January or August) with an in-person, one-day immersion orientation (usually held in Renton or Portland area) during which students can meet other students and professors, receive hands-on learning experience in the online environment, learn about course resources, and complete their first course assignment. Courses continue online with live online class time every other week throughout the semester to keep students motivated and connected for success.

To learn more about admission to the RN to BSN program, visit the website: or call 406-791-5258 to speak to a program counselor about next steps to enroll in this program.

Cynthia Gustafson, PhD, RN
Division Chair, Nursing Programs